Who we are

Established in 2016, theVaulters aims to transform its 70+ proprietary patents based technology to most usable, efficient, and effective commercial software products. Its products are focused to security & privacy and big data analysis.


What we do


We possess the patented cancelable and multi-factor face authentication. The excellence of our idea has been proven by publishing through various international journals.


To satisfy with user's WLAN infrastructures, we develope RFlow+ which can hand immediate action for short-term monitoring results and eventual action for long-term results.


Our approach using bigdata is to recycle memory blocks by repeated resetting to prevent saturation, and to use a very small memory block for each flow for better accuracy.


We are focus on creating a fair and transparent system with blockchain technology. It solves existing operating inefficiencies, and offers more secure transaction to make it easy for people.

Safer, but comfortable life

Our recent works

We conduct research on the most usable, efficient, and effective technologies and develop software and hardware products
for security and privacy, authentication, biometrics, data analysis and networks.

Face based App protector

meerCAT using front-facing camera periodically watches your face in the background to protect your invaluable data. Your personal with face image is encrypted and protected on our secure server.

Released Date : 21/02/2018

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Time & Attendance

It helps teacher and students simplify their attendance, also they can save time and focus on actual class. It is automatically track attendance and late arrivals. You can view and print reports by student or course, and share with your students.

Released Date : 17/05/2018

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Fully decentralized blockchain by users

A fully decentralized P2P public ledger by Gruut network that gives a high level of trust and fair distribution. This Government-friendly ecosystem provides various DApp with aversatile/flexible/scalable platform for on/offline payments as well as remittances.

Released Date : Coming soon

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Meet our team

DaeHun Nyang


KyungHee Lee


DongOh Shin


JeonIl Kang

Research Director

MinYoung Song


YeSong Kim